I Really Want to Post…

English: Portrait of Brunello Rondi

…but maybe I haven’t had enough Brunello yet tonight.  Or perhaps too much.  It is all about balance, isn’t it?  And then I thought of writing about … I forget … something I forget, I thought about writing something I forget and it was going to be damn good.

Give me a moment to think…

Nuts.  Can’t remember.  I know it had something to do with girls, manners, and bars.  But in my life maybe that’s all tautological in an odd, but sure, way.

Let me think some more…

Honest to god — and to you too Pete — I haven’t any idea what I was going to blog about.  Or even write about.  (Don’t ask me to think about.)

I recall — vaguely — a woman in a bar, years ago.  Then it went out, like lights out.  And before you or I (especially me) knew it, it went dark.  And now I find myself here wondering if it was the Brunello.

I’ll think about it.  Let me nap first.


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