You’re Going to Be So Jealous

Guess what I had for dinner.  Grill cheese sandwich!

No big deal, you think?  Well, guess what kind of grill cheese sandwich.  Velveeta!  And I made it with soft white bread…the stuff kids like.  Image

I have been thinking about it all day.  It started as a simple goal.  I thought I would go home and slap together some bread and cheese and grill it up.  But then when I learned that the neighborhood didn’t stock Velveeta — eye rolls, of course — I had to have Velveeta.  If you’re going to have Velveeta, you need plain old white bread, the stuff the Brady kids ate.  Slather up a load of butter on the outside of the bread, heat up the cast iron skillet, and grill.  That’s easy.

I had no idea how difficult white bread is to find in my neighborhood, however.  Really?  Yes, really.  (It is equally as difficult to find a picture of a basic white bread grilled cheese sandwich online, by the way.)  I wanted an old school loaf that looked like it came from Mom’s pantry, not one of those 20-inch long super loafs.  I settled for a well-known national brand, Pepperidge Farm.  If that bread wasn’t grilling with Velveeta, it would be a disappointment.  I’ll give it a trial run with peanut butter and jelly though (maybe later tonight) and give it a fair chance.

Pretty cool, huh?

Ok, so you might not be impressed, but I am trying a new way to post to A Little Tour in Yellow.  It makes me feel like I am making some progress toward my often-promised goal of reworking this blog.



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