Israel is the Problem

When will the United States see what most of the rest of the world sees?  Israel is the problem.  They have the power — mostly because the United States subsidizes the it — and so they have the power to make choices to advance peace which the occupied Palestinians do not have.

israelpalestine-flagsYesterday Israel announced plans to prep and zone new settlements in territory Palestinians hope to keep for their Palestinian state.  Peace in the region hinges on a separate and autonomous Palestinian state.  Therefore, Israel pursuing these additional settlements in areas that will compromise a desired Palestinian state demonstrates their unwillingness to behave in a manner that will bring peace to the region.

Even worse for Americans, we give Israel unlimited political and military support — support the rest of the world is too wise to offer — as well as economic aid and monetary gifts and still Israel acts in defiance of our wishes and interests.  Why are we Israel’s patsies?

Israel is also the land where Palestinians live in what are essentially ghettos, tormented by their occupiers.  Open trade, travel, and security are in these zones are limited by the Israeli military.  These are essentially prison camps in which many rights you and I take for granted are limited, just as the rights of a prisoner are limited.

And add to these years of daily humiliation the deadly conflicts that arise between Israel and the Palestinians.  In the latest Gaza conflict, Palestinians — mostly civilians — were killed at a ratio exceeded 30 to 1, not including thousands of Palestinian injuries and widespread loss of property.   Is it a mystery why Palestinians don’t trust Israel?

Certainly there are bad players on Palestinian side.  But how much difference is there between military raids, bulldozers, and settler gunshots on one side and radicalized, beaten fighters on the other?  I suppose one side lives well with relative security and the other does not.  That is a difference.

I, for one, haven’t any more respect for Israel than I do for the terrorists that attack Israel.  My sympathy is with the people who suffer in the midst of the fight.  Is an Israeli citizen more entitled to live in peace than a displaced Palestinian?  Where is the justice there?

If Israel wants peace, it must respect the rights of the Palestinian people and act in a manner faithful to that respect.


2 thoughts on “Israel is the Problem

  1. Garden Walk Garden Talk

    What powerful thoughts. I am so sure this unrest in the Middle East will lead to World War Three. It would be so much simpler if people could look at and understand each others’ perspective and right to make a home of their choosing. But that will never happen in this contentious world. People only look at what seemingly is affecting them.


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