Fog, Stillness, and a Few Crows

(Editor’s Note:  Mr. Shane is on a break from politics, his walks in the woods, and other things that people read about here.  He is taking this break to enjoy time with his weaker thoughts and fantasies.  Mr. Shane’s regular posts will return sometime in the near future.)

IMAG1106It was a beautiful start to a great morning here in Linden Hills.  I still sleep with a bedroom window open, and when I cannot hear the ambient sound of the city in the distance I know the weather is heavy.  This morning it was fog.  Beautiful fog.

This wasn’t the densest fog I have seen, nonetheless it still the most weather we have had around here in weeks.  I took an early walk, but this was more of an indoors fog.  It simply looked better from a window with a pot of coffee brewing in the other room.

The fog blocked out the eastern shore of Lake Harriet — maybe the fog thickened over the lake — but I found myself staring out toward the lake anyway.  It was a good fog to think by.

And I wasn’t alone.  A pair of crows called to each other in a nearby tree.  I love crows and I cannot think of a better way to punctuate the silence of a foggy morning than the call of a crow.  So I was especially grateful for the crows.  A good omen, I think, a sign that today might be a good day.



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