A Mouse in the House?

“You didn’t see nothing…git back to bed!”

After spotting a mouse the other day, living here has been very much like camping in bear country.

Not even a crumb is left behind for a mouse to find.  I toss out scraps of all kinds immediately, carefully double-wrapping them first in plastic bags before getting them outside, and all stored food is up in the cupboards (that’s what they’re there for) even my canned crushed tomatoes.

There’s no eating in front of the television (not very appealing anyway) and leftovers are a thing of the past.  Tonight, in fact, I thought it better to have the last third of my pizza rather than save it for later.

And then as I do all of this…well, where is the mouse?

I dug around for signs of mice — or even just one mouse — and found my bread and cereal unmolested, found my cabinets clean, even under the sink (mice like to poop under sinks for some reason as yet still unknown to science), and even stood motionless for a few minutes hoping to trick the mouse into revealing his hideout.  Nothing.

So I am starting to wonder, did I really see a mouse?

Of course I did!  He was a cute little bugger, and in quite a hurry too.  Boy, you should have seen him fly!  In fact I swear I heard him crash behind the stove.  But he was the size of child’s big toe and only I caught him out of the corner of my eye as he zipped by.  Did I make a mistake?  Has the Brunello gone bad again?

Maybe I have other things more important than an occasional mouse to worry about…maybe I am losing my mind!

But relax, dear friends, we all know now that hallucinations are normal in an abnormal sort of way, kind of like my heart’s abnormal bundle blocks which my doctor says are nothing to worry about because…well…because they are a normal abnormality.

Perhaps I am seeing things.  Yes, I have been working too hard, entertaining too much, and skipping my afternoon naps, all sure ways to add strain to the psyche.  So perhaps yes maybe I am seeing things that look like little mice, or at least I have at least once, when all I need is a little more serenity.  Or a cat.

Until serenity arrives, I expect the mice to get even tonight…that’s the way things seem to go recently.


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