No Black Friday Here

Looks Fun.

I am not writing this post to be judgmental…well, maybe I am…however there is no so-called “Black Friday” at my house!

First of all, I still somewhat enjoy the festivities of holiday gift shopping and I want to keep it that way.  Scrambling through crowds and standing in lines to get a jump on the process doesn’t fit my aesthetic.  I would much rather leisurely stroll through a few stores with less frazzled fellow shoppers.  It might even be nice to dress up a little and, of course, stop for the occasional glass of wine or cocktail along the way.

But more importantly…what the hell is wrong with people?!  If you have a day off, why go to some strip mall eyesore and buy junk?  (Sorry…that sounds judgmental, doesn’t it?)

I understand some people value the sales, perhaps even depend on the sales, and it could be true that some people actually enjoy the crush of people squeezing to long check out queues.  I don’t.  I am different.

Charles Burchfield, November Wind at Dusk

My black Friday will include things like my coffee (no cream) and the print on the pages of a good book or two.  That’s it.  Outside the cozy-inducing wind still blows cold — the first real appropriately autumn weather of the year — and I intend to stay in and enjoy it.  Plus there are those Thanksgiving leftovers to snack on throughout the day.  And naps…naps will fit the day nicely.

Now…as I finish this post, however…I realize that I need a camera.  I haven’t any of my own “autumn wind” or “anti-black Friday” photos to post and my camera phone just doesn’t seem to be up to the task recently.  Hmmm…I wonder if any cameras are on sale today?  Hah!  Not a chance.  We’ll wait.


3 thoughts on “No Black Friday Here

  1. angrymanspeaks

    I find my neighborhood very quiet today. I like it. Black Friday is just a manipulation of the advertizing industry i.e. The Republicans to; GET YOUR MONEY and steal your peace of mind.

    See? No wonder you want nothing to do with it. Saw right through it; didn’t you?

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