In the Face of Indecision I Steamed Some Vegetables

I have been especially productive today.  Sort of.  I have started five posts!  But I haven’t finished one.  Indecision.

I wrote about the virtues of the humble hamburger bun (The Humble Hamburger Bun), dealing with clients and politics (Talking Politics:  What Would Sigfried Farnon Do?), Roasted Meats (Roasted Meats), and Red State succession threats (Let ’em Leave!).  Which should I post?  It all feels so …flat.  Pish posh.  Who cares?

Indecision doesn’t mix well with blogging.  Apathy only makes it worse.

Tomorrow is an early start to a busy day.  So is Thursday.  Friday, too.  And right now it feels like midlife crisis has opened the door and let itself in to nag me.  Nag, nag, nag…

Ok, then…what should I do next?

A passion.  I need a passion.   I need a passion before age leaves me with only enough time to make it a folly.  And until then, I think I will steam some cauliflower, carrots and peas.  Pish posh.



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