What I Need Is More Followers!

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Dear Reader, this is a plea for relevancy.  And only you can help.

What I need is more followers, especially Twitter followers.  (I am currently languishing with 106 and most of them have names like DialSoap.)

Essentially I am talking to myself.  How am I supposed to help and change the world with a following like that?

At Twitter I have tried #FFing myself, but that’s neither effective nor is it anywhere near as much fun as it sounds.  (That’s why I dare mentioning it here.  Who will know?  You need friends for this.  Embarrassing.)

A Little Tour in Yellow gets traffic from time to time, but usually that happens when I muse about my teddy bear or write about saving turtles, for which I am of course grateful, but shoot…really?

Perhaps people can think of me as an aggregator.  I follow a lot of smart, sharp, and fun people who have fabulous things to share.  They are witty and fresh.  And I frequently re-tweet them.  So you can follow me and spare yourself the trouble of collecting all this information yourself.

Plus every now and then I come up with something brilliant of my own to share, such as the random link to this blog.  You want more of that.  You do.  And so do others.  Tell your friends and family to tune in.  Come find me.  Come follow me.  Come and make me relevant!

(Oh my…that sounds pathetic.  Is it?  Please advise.)


2 thoughts on “What I Need Is More Followers!

  1. angrymanspeaks

    Ok; so you say you feel un-needed and un-read. I know that feeling. It took me two years to go from one follower; my wife; to fifty-five today. Gathering a following takes time. People read something they like and pass it on to friends. Search engines begin to direct people to your site but not right away and only if you tag your stories well. It will come. Keep writing. Your political articles are great and well written. We need more bloggers; not less so don’t give up.

    As for Twitter and tweeting; I don’t. It seems a waste of my time. 140 characters isn’t enough room to make any real points; at least not the way I write and all I ever see is status updates from people with nothing better to do than concern themselves with how often their friends shit everyday. No; not for me.

    I have posted my work on Facebook but I don’t get much satisfaction from that either. At least I’m not limited to 140 there and can get a point (or a two thousand word article) posted intact.

    Keep the faith Baby; there is a long uphill battle ahead of us and we need your help. Don’t give up and never give in.



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