Forget Photo ID, How About an Aptitude Test?

I overheard a thirtysomething woman I work with talking with colleagues about today’s election.

I began eavesdropping when a discussion of Minnesota’s so-called marriage amendment began.  I couldn’t follow the logic about her argument, but she complained about the way votes are counted for amendments.

The gist of her complaint was something about how people who favor the amendment are more likely to skip the vote because they are worried about being judged by their vote.  She thought it was wrong that it automatically counts as a no vote.  (What should it be?)

But what is this complaint about anyway?   We still have a private ballot, right?  (Yes.)  And if you think you might be judged poorly by your vote, maybe you should think about what your doing, right?  Well, maybe…I’ll leave that open for debate.  But if you really think it is important to impose your beliefs to take away someone else’s rights, you better be willing to stand up and say so!  I won’t back down on that.

I didn’t hear all of that conversation, so perhaps I am missing something, but I doubt it.

I did hear in more detaill, however, an eye-rolling complaint about a group of women holding “Women for Obama” signs.  My co-worker, complaining about the stupidity of the women, said:  “Obama makes Bush look like a saint.”

Ok…how many of you are with me…Right there you should lose your voting rights.  I’m sorry.  Obama makes Bush look like a saint?  Really?  Come on!  On what grounds?  And if Obama is bad for women compared to Bush, what the flip is today’s Republican Party in comparison?!

Oh, my goodness.  Listen everyone…these people vote…we need get better-informed people out there to vote.  In most of the country, there’s still time to rally a voter or two yet tonight.  Do it!


One thought on “Forget Photo ID, How About an Aptitude Test?

  1. angrymanspeaks

    Here’s the skinny in a nutshell. You are correct. They do. We should. The Republican Party is largely made up of people known to Psychologists as “Authoritarian Followers”. They would be helpless to make a decision or form an opinion if left to their own devices but may be the kind of person who would form one based on the appearence of a comet or some such nonsence. The point is once they do have an opinion; they never change it. If they believe Mitt is a good man; he could committ a multiple homicide with a hatchet right in front of them and they would find a way to reason it away. No exaggeration.

    Fortunately for these towers of intellect and strength; The Party is lead by a relatively small group of people known as “Authoritarian Leaders”
    These people have an unflinching faith in their own piety; righteousness; judgement; and God given right to strip their nation of wealth; enforce their morals on the entire nation and lie, cheat, steal or anything else; no matter the effect on others to achieve their ends.

    These two groups are drawn to each other like magnets. Each needs the other.
    The followers do as they are told by the leaders and the leaders are only too happy to tell them what to do.


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