The Source of these Crazy Amendments

If you have missed “The Deep Roots of the Marriage Debate” on MPR this week, please take a look at the link.  The debate has gone on for decades and hasn’t grown any more rational of the years.  If anything, the debate has regressed.   These ideas come from a source of insecurity that is hard to understand.  Even more troubling, I believe, is the tie to religious belief and how that gets intertwined with our secular government.

Look no further than the Queen of Madness, Michele Bachmann, a myopic supporter and promoter of anti-marriage legislation.  Earlier this year at a Faith and Freedom event in Eagan, Minnesota, Bachmann explains why she introduced legislation that prohibits equality before the law for all Minnesotans.  She learned that the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that same sex couples could not be denied equal marriage rights under the Massachusetts constitution.  Of course this would trouble a bigot like Bachmann.  So, as she explains it…

“And I was deeply troubled in my spirit about this decision and I prayed and I asked the Lord at that time, ‘Lord, what would you have me do?’ Because I knew this was wrong. And I felt the Lord speaking into my heart at that time, ‘Bring forth a constitutional amendment defining marriage as one man and one woman’, so I went out and held a press conference.”

If we are to take her literally, she is making her political decisions based on her relationship with her god.  That isn’t right.  Our secular democracy is in danger when religious zealots impose their personal religious beliefs in the business of government.  Equality means we should be free to choose to live freely with our private religious beliefs.  Apparently Bachmann doesn’t understand this.

When we elect people like this we get bad public policy.  If an amendment defining marriage based on personal, private, and religious grounds is passed, we have betrayed the tenor of our country’s founding documents and reversed decades of civil rights progress.

For the record, Michele, my God tells me we should treat each other with respect and fairness.  What does your god say about that?


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