A Call for Reasonable GOPers

Reasonable Republicans, when people start talking about God’s will to justify constitutional amendments, doesn’t that make you nervous?  Even if we knew “God’s will”, should we codify it in secular law?

I understand that some Democrats believe and follow the will of god — their god, whatever their religious beliefs might be –but it is the Republican Party that promotes candidates who regularly campaign on issues citing God’s will.  In fact, GOPers fear for their political life if they stray too far afield of a growing conservative Christian slant in the party.

It strikes me that something like the amendments restricting marriage is the place to draw the line.  Where, after all, is this definition of marriage conservatives keep talking about?  And if such a definition exists, should it be universal?  Who says so…God?

Did God get off his easy chair one day and tell someone this?

The argument that we have a “traditional definition” of marriage doesn’t hold water either.  If marriage is such a strong, traditional institution, it is hard to see how two women choosing to marry threatens Sally and Jim’s happy marriage across town.

These anti-marriage efforts are cowardly.  We are all better than this, aren’t we?

And the use of religion is dangerous to a secular democracy.  In this case, a very petty, insecure, and bigoted abuse of religion is being used to defend a limited view of a social contract.  Unless you want to change this country into a theocracy, I suggest we keep religion out of our national and state constitutions.

Sadly, it seems that something like a Christian Taliban is on the rise here, where people are judged and promoted based on their adherence to some Christian law.  Is that what we want?  (Is it…dare I ask…constitutional?)

For a party that is so-hell bent on undoing government, it strikes me as an odd effort to put another layer of government control on the lives of free citizens.  But then, who really thinks Republicans care about freedom for all?

Prove us wrong and vote down these absurd and dangerous anti-rights Amendments.


3 thoughts on “A Call for Reasonable GOPers

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