My Bug Has Returned! Hello Bug!

In the last day or two I have said some not-nice things about Republicans.  True, these comments may be be deserved, but I want people to see that the good side of me does exist.  And as if on cue, my bug comes back, eager to lend some help!

Look at my little bug!  Hello, Bug!

How can an opinionated bully enjoy a sincere friendship with a bug, huh?  Answer that.

About a year ago this bug hung out in my bedroom curtains when he wasn’t crawling across my walls.  I did blog about Mr. Bug back then, too, but I can’t find that post.  Organizing my blog is not one of my strong suits.  However, being nice to bugs is!

I save turtles, too.

So it is a delight to see my bug crawling across the floor this evening.  Can anyone tell me what kind of bug we have here?

Ok, now…this is enough.  Time to watch the last 2012 Presidential Election Debate.  Let’s see how low Romney can go!  (Whoops, sorry…I was going to be nice, wasn’t I?  Ha!)


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