One More Post About Politics and Then I Am Sticking to Dreams

After this post — for my health and my sanity — I am steering clear, as much as possible, of politics.  Hereafter I am writing about dreams.

But let me make my non-dream thoughts perfectly clear.   The country is in ruin.   Republicans offer no solutions, only petulance and blame.  Republicans need to go.

I know we are all busy, but it doesn’t take a lot of time to sort this out.  Take an hour or two on a Sunday morning and watch the news shows.  Republicans live in a twisted, dark world that makes no sense.  None.  I don’t understand how anyone can watch these programs and see things differently.  Of course there are the ignorant and perhaps they can be forgiven, but I don’t know if we can have patience for that anymore.

On NPR this morning, for example, Boise Public Radio interviewed a mix of people about the upcoming election.  One participant owns a contracting business and she said she cannot hire new workers because of uncertainty and regulation.  She blames it on Obama.

If she plans to run her business based on the wisdom of GOP politicians, my guess is her small business isn’t going to amount to much.  If there is a contract to be gained, you’ll hire people.  But this business owner has been brainwashed by her party’s leadership to think stupidly.  It is sad, and unfortunately ignorance is a powerful obstacle to growth.

The real blame rests with the bad people running the GOP today.  I don’t think it is out of line to question their motives.  Destroying our government has been a long-standing goal for the extreme right.  As the extreme becomes more mainstream we increasingly find dishonesty in conservative rhetoric.

Look, you cannot be informed of the facts and make claims that our nation’s problems belong to Obama and his four-year term as president, a term that saw absolutely no cooperation from Republicans on any issue.

Moreover, I find it hard to believe that you can have any tenure in politics and not see the trends that started with guys like Reagan, Bush, and (yes) triangulating Clinton bearing the blame for where we are today.

Contrary to the facts, Republicans argue that we are over-regulated and over-taxed under Obama and thus we have our national decline.  It is a laughable argument, but one that dishonest conservative politicians preach as gospel and too many followers suck it up as fact.

Our decline began prior to 2008 when we in fact did start a mad rush to dismantle regulation, lower taxes, and get involved in loads of other problems like wars, defunding social services, and privatizing our government.  Government doesn’t serve the people anymore as it did a generation ago.  It serves the few, the corporate interests, and the politicians gaming the machine.

Listen to a Republican speak on Sunday morning.  Flip the channels.  Do it at random.  It is all the same.  Their rhetoric is despicable, I dare say anti-American.  Who do they serve?  They certainly doesn’t serve the meek followers like the Boise contractor who doesn’t understand how economic demand affects hiring decisions.  How does the pursuit of proven failure help the dying middle class which is seeing its fortunes float to an increasingly isolated few?

Is what we are doing today good for future generations?  That is the question that should be asked.  Better generations before us took pride in building a strong and well-functioning society.  We seem to be going in an entirely different direction today, one where you each looks after himself and we all suffer for it.  Is that America’s exceptionalism?

Republicans know better.  Not even the conservative mind can be so hopelessly empty and unsophisticated.  But they wouldn’t be on the national stage selling their lies if they didn’t have an audience of believers.  That is the problem.


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