It Must Have Been Quite a Night…

It must have been quite a night.  That’s all I will say.  I woke up with my flashlight.

I vaguely recall getting up at some point and looking for something.  Maybe I thought I would finally find that lost ring and get rid of it.  I am not sure.  But clearly I was dream walking.

Usually when I dream walk I tie a sheet around my neck and patrol the neighborhood.  Captain Procrastination!  I don’t recall the details of that either, but from time to time I wake up with a bed sheet tied around my neck, cape-style. Hhow else would you explain this?

And why would my neighbors cross the street rather than meet me on the sidewalk the day after this happens?

Captain Procrastination has nothing to hide.  He fights crime and save cats in trees.  That’s it.  That’s what he does.  And he only wears a cape.  (Socks in the winter, maybe.)

Speaking of winter.  Where is it?  I am ready for winter.  Why?  Because I think Captain Procrastination, just might maybe push a car out of a snowbank or two this year.  Let’s get it on, the cape that is, and do something this year.


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