Brodkorb Explains the Strategic Motivation Behind Minnesota’s Marriage Amendment

Back in June I suggested that conservatives put social issues on ballots to get conservatives into the voting booth.  Tonight, thanks to Pat Kessler at WCCO, we learn that people who really do know something about politics actually do employ these vote-garnering strategies.

But I don’t think this should surprise anyone.  Nevertheless, it is about time someone on the inside spelled it out.

In an interview this week, Michael Brodkorb explainedthat GOP leaders pushed the anti-gay marriage amendment onto Minnesota’s November ballot to provide a “turnout opportunity for Republicans.”

I don’t know folks, but I just find that sick.

First of all, civil rights should not be decided by a vote.  The Constitution should protect the rights of a minority as much as it does those of the majority; in fact, one should argue that the real purpose of the Constitution is the equal protection of rights for all and specifically to protect the rights of the minority from the wishes of the majority.

What is an election determining the constitutionality of marriage if it isn’t putting the rights of all, especially the minority, up to the approval of a voting majority?  Inherently this contradicts constitutional protection, doesn’t it?

But there’s still more to despise about this strategy other than obviously questionable constitutionality.  Is anyone, for example, concerned about integrity anymore?  Maybe just a little?

Conservatives are much better framing messages, I’ll give them that.  They co-opt freedom using the trope of fear.  They cultivate ignorance so they can betray the facts.  And, as we see here, they foster division by strategically politicizing social issues.

Look around and say it isn’t so.  Give me an example from the left.  Maybe the long-ago Equal Rights Amendment?  (A horrible idea, for sure.)  Shoot, even the Voters Right Act is under attack here and across the country under the guise of sanctifying and protecting rights!

Yes, it is an Orwellian world out there.  Facts, truth, integrity…who has time for that?  Certainly not Republicans today.  And this will not change until voters choose better people than the current lot scheming to dismantle the good work and progress of generations that preceded us.

Vote no!  Don’t limit the freedom to marry!


One thought on “Brodkorb Explains the Strategic Motivation Behind Minnesota’s Marriage Amendment

  1. Gary Farland

    Karl Rove said to attack them where they are strong. This shifts the playing field. Perhaps Liberals should be pushing an amendment that would allow gays to marry. Unfortunately, the Left doesn’t have the kind of professional leadership that the Right has.


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