I Am a Log Splitter

Splitting Black Walnut

Splitting Black Walnut (Photo credit: Oldwoodchuck)

Simply bizarre.  I have been thinking about splitting logs all morning.  Sometimes the logs just split without any apparent effort.  Other times I hear the loud hum of a power splitter.  I prefer a splitting maul.

Splitting mauls are one of the coolest tools that don’t really work.  Maybe I’m splitting too much fresh oak.  I haven’t any idea.  Or maybe I am a 95 pound weakling.  Who knows?  But logs rarely split clean and open with one whack when I use a splitting maul.

Unless, of course….I split them in my imagination.

And that’s what I am doing this morning.  One chord at a time.  Splitting logs.

Wish I had a fireplace.


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