I Am Back

Anyone who doesn’t believe in evolution hasn’t owned a computer then lost a computer.  It is plainly evident to me that I have evolved into a computer animal.  Without my failing laptop, I am not whole.  My connections to the world are lost and I spend way to much time in the bar staring at my feet and scratching myself.  Now that I have my computer again — more or less — I sense that it is time to be reborn, to evolve into something more and better.

And this blog really, really, truly needs an overhaul.

But first I have to remember my passwords.

Maybe watching a movie will help me remember my passwords.  Alas, I cannot remember my Netflix password.  (I lost half an hour trying to get my WordPress password correct…and I swear the password that finally worked was the first one I tried that failed.)

I also have to find out why my product license key for Microsoft Office doesn’t work.  Is this a clever attempt to get me to buy again the most current and complete version of Microsoft Office?  I wonder how many people fall for it.

I really haven’t anything to say tonight, anyway.  Password recall sets my head spinning and that hurts.  And all of that cheap red wine and foot-staring gave my day a headache start anyway.  It is time for a movie.



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