It is Time for Truth or Consequences


Everyone is talking about Mitt Romney‘s most recent gaffe, some people even attempt to defend him.  The politician himself slithers around the facts as if they don’t matter.  It is ridiculous.  Did he mean what he said, yes or no?  Listening to him, it is hard to tell.  He didn’t say what he meant, but he meant what he said.  Is that right?  Does that make sense?

We’re smarter than this and deserve better than this.  Character should matter, especially when choosing our political leaders, but then we get this.

If we are going to get this country back on track we need to be a little less comfortable with dishonesty.  We’re overdue for truthfulness, but it isn’t going to matter unless we notice and deliver some consequences.

Let’s go back to poster boy Mitt and pretend for a moment that he is being misunderstood about dismissing nearly half of all Americans whining scofflaws.  In a press conference yesterday Romney says he hopes the person who took the damning video will release all of it, presumably so we can judge what he says in context.   That appears to be his defense.

Do we believe Mitt’s stiff and scripted public appearances more than what he says when he is away from the public eye surrounded by friends and donors?

Well…people just don’t get it.  Ultimately the burden of responsible government in a democracy — in theory — rests with the voters.

So what does it say about us when we see guys like Mitt Romney rise to national prominence?  He is just a one guy, but he stands for a party that either understands nothing about context or willfully misrepresents it.  Is that us?

While I can’t say there was much memorable about the 2012 RNC convention — other than Clint’s silly speech — we haven’t already forgotten the bogus “We Built It” theme of that convention, have we?  That theme is based on a statement made by President Barak Obama which was taken out of context and misrepresented.  It is truth turned into a lie and we shouldn’t tolerate it.

Republicans are good at this sort of deception, however.  It is the Big Lie strategy.  If you’re going to tell a lie, tell a big one and tell it often.  Eventually at least part of it will be retained as the truth.

This theme runs through conservative politics today and it happens more often than not without negative consequences.  It will continue to happen until voters wise up and pay attention.  But when you have glaring examples of double-speak from the most prominent conservative candidate today going unchecked, well…where’s the hope?



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