I Saw Something Odd Yesterday

I was sitting in the old Explorer beneath a giant maple which was just starting to turn when a chicken chasing a squirrel caught my eye.  Being mostly a city boy, I’m not sure if that is really all that odd or not, but the chicken chased that squirrel right up the tree and started bouncing around the tree trunk like…well, like it had just lost its head.

That might be odd.  Maybe.  What truly was odd about all of this will amaze you as much as it did me.  That wasn’t a chicken, not even close, it was a dog!  Yes, a dog with fur (I think), not a bird with feathers.  The oddest looking dog I have ever seen.

I wanted to get my camera phone but the chicken dog’s owner followed the dog and he looked as strange as his pet.  Scrawny guy with loads of tattoos and I swear he was smoking two cigarettes at once.  I’ll do a lot for A Little Tour in Yellow, but being chased by chicken dogs and their owners isn’t one of them.

As a footnote here, I’ll tell you that I was deep in Minnesota Congressional District 6.  Guess what oddity I am not seeing much of this election year.  Michele Bachmann yard signs.  Could that be an omen and a good one?  I am seeing a disturbing amount of Vote Yes  on Voter ID signs, however, and I suppose that indirectly shows support for dangerous nut cases like Bachmann, but only indirectly.  (We have to defeat that pointless and unconstitutional amendment.)

I’ll bet that chicken dog I saw was named Michele.   Michele the chicken dog.  It fits somehow.


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