Unqualified Romney

Let’s presume Mitt Romney’s statements about national and public events are sincere, that he isn’t being deceptive and rhetorically bombastic.  Is this a guy you want for President?

Take his comments yesterday about the Federal Reserve pledge to launch a third phase of quantitative easing.  Romney argues that this proves that Obama’s strategies are not working.  If he is being honest, Romney’s statement is stunning for its simple-minded grasp of the situation.  Six-month old puppies understand facts and consequences better.  I’m not sure a man with the reasoning intellect of a puppy is the man you want in the White House.

Or near our foreign policy and military.  But let’s stick to Romney’s Federal Reserve faux pas.

First off, President Barak Obama is not telling everyone that the work on the economy is finished.  Obama hasn’t put his feet up on the desk and popped a bottle of Champagne (French of course) and he hasn’t hung a Mission Accomplished banner on the White House.  Just the opposite.  Obama — along with the Democrats — has consistently argued that more time, work, and smart policy is needed to assist the economic recovery.

Second, the Federal Reserve said essentially the same thing in its announcement yesterday.  The economy is improving, but not improving at a satisfactory rate.  The economy still lacks demand that would give the private sector reason to increase capacity.  The “job creators” are sitting on record cash reserves.  Keeping interest rates low is intended to spur spending to increase demand which would then incent the private sector to get off its cash.

All of this is a process, something Republicans seem to be inherently unable to understand.  Out of sight, out of mind with them.  Is that the sort of intellect you want leading a great nation?  Of course it isn’t.  And one has to wonder how sincere Mitt Romney really is…about anything.

Anyone who can so skillfully enrich himself with other people’s money must have some capacity for seeing beyond the moment.  He has to be smarter than a dog.  But Romney presumes that the American people are not.  Shame on Mitt Romney for this, but shame on the American people who buy these short-sighted and misleading assessments.  With smarter voters — people voting for their own bests interests (where is Ayn Rand when you need her?) — we would not have today’s Republican Party.  We certainly would not have a Ryan/Romney ticket.

We are indeed better off today than we were four years ago, much better.  And to criticize Obama for all the faults lingering today is nonsense.  Generally you can not take all the credit for the success, too, but the Republicans have made it a matter of policy to block Obama at every opportunity.  It is hard to see how Republicans have contributed anything but blame to the current political discourse.  Again, is that what you want for leadership?  Whiners are not leaders.

It should be easy to defeat Republicans.  They have no record to stand on, they have no solutions, and they show either a basic lack of intellect or an overwhelming display of deceit.  These are horrible qualities for leadership.  But Americans are not paying attention.  Sometimes things are black and white.



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