Minnesota Marriage Amendment

Marriage Day

Not me.  Threw out my wedding photos years ago.  

Can someone out there supporting Minnesota’s so-called Marriage Amendment explain to me why you need a law preventing marriage for some people in order for you to enjoy the rights and benefits of the marriage you favor?

What  is the threat to your family?  Or your marriage?  Perhaps you’re worried your spouse will opt for the same sex mode?  Come on…what is it?  The question might focus on why one marriage is better or more legit than another, but I would say that’s a matter of opinion.  I’ve seen disastrous marriages!  Who hasn’t?  Many of these are personal judgments, are they not?  (Why did he marry here?!)   But that didn’t ruin marriage for others.  So where is the threat?   It seems that marriage must be a pretty weak sham if different preferences threaten your love and commitments.

What gives here?  Explain it, anti-marriage supporters.  Comments are open, even if your mind isn’t.  But I will withhold judgment.  Convince me that you have a point.

Until then, marry them all, damn it! — sinners and the virtuous alike — and let God sort it out!


2 thoughts on “Minnesota Marriage Amendment

  1. Gary Farland

    Well, anyone can see that if people of the same sex are the ones to marry, then there won’t be any children! Pretty soon humans will be extinct and the earth will once again become uncivilized!


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