I Want His Job!

Tucker Tracking a Scent

Don’t think there isn’t something for everyone.  Look at this guy!  His name is Tucker.  (Perfect.)  Look at his enthusiasm!  An expert at his craft — in fact, likely the only one on the entire planet doing what he is doing — he has plenty to be happy about.  I want his job.

Tucker’s credentials are unknown.  He comes from a “mysterious past” wandering the streets of Seattle to “become an unexpected star in the realm of canine-assisted science.”  Who wouldn’t like a mysterious past to be overlooked, even just once.  Instead I am asked for my past in triplicate if I should try to become an unexpected star of even the dimmest sort.  Tucker, on the other hand, bounds onto the stage with no questions asked.

Tucker calls the shots.  His boss says he leans to the left, leans to the right, twitches his ears, and sometimes just plops back down on his green mat with his head between his paws.  Tucker is “very subtle,” we’re told, and for that he gets a treat and toy.  When I am “very subtle” at work it usually means a coworker took my double entendre a little too personally, if you know what I mean.

Tucker is boss and boss!  Try to tell me you have it that good.  Try.

Look at him, straining at the leash, eager to fall face first into his work.  Tell me the last time someone had to tether a nylon leash to your neck to control your enthusiasm.  At work, I mean.  (Your mysterious social engagements don’t matter here.  We’re in Tucker’s world for the moment!  Lead the way, Tucker!)

And Tucker’s enthusiasm is contagious.  How many exclamation points can I cram into one post?  Wow!!

Alas, Tucker appears to have cornered the whale scat sniffing market.  But don’t despair.  We each and all have our unique strengths.  Tomorrow is Labor Day.  Perhaps the day off should be spent seeking the inner Tucker.  After all, why shouldn’t we all work with exuberant, wild abandon…Like Tucker?

Go Tucker!


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