I Am Tired of the RNC Convention, Too.

Attendees at the 1952 Republican National Conv...

1952 Republican National Convention, Chicago, Illinois.  Was it better then?

Three posts dealing with last week’s Republican Convention in Tampa remain unfinished.  I just don’t have the heart to deal with them.  What needs to be said about the convention has been said over and over.  And, honestly, finding something positive in all those comments is tough.  Thank god for Condoleezza Rice.  Although that Clint Eastwood sure is a funny old guy.

I can’t even get mad anymore.

But I was thinking about politicians, conventions, and facts.  Years ago I was prepping for a high school debate — the topic was universal health care, by the way — and my coach thought I should find a stronger piece of evidence to support an argument.  I pointed out that I had found something recently published from a current congressman.

Yes, my coach explained, he did indeed recently make that argument, but he is using information that is years old and disproven.

I was disappointed and a little shocked.  (And how so naive!)  But the transgression here was a matter of timeliness.  In the current political debate, black is white and up is down and few people give a damn.  Men and women seeking national leadership roles flat out lie and mislead.  Has it always been this way?

I believe politics reflects the will of the people — this is a democracy, after all — and it seems that the people have willed ignorance and deception as our guiding principles.  Anyone paying attention to what is happening in Washington — including the people running for public office now — know the true score.  So why do we let liars like Paul Ryan rewrite history and smash the facts?  (Paul Ryan perhaps the biggest liar of them all last week…and that says something.)

The bottom line is simple.  If you want to know what is going on politically, you don’t ask a politician.  They’ll give the answer that suits them best and too often that is a lie.  There is no mystery why most Americans don’t understand the simple facts behind our economic malaise any better than they understand quantum physics.  They have chosen to be uninformed, misinformed, and misled.

Americans should demand better, but frighteningly it looks like we might be on the eve of accepting even worse.   All this despite the disgraceful efforts put forth at the RNC National Convention.  Shame on us.


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