Has My Love for Paper Gone Too Far?

I love paper.  I really, really love paper.  I subscribe to newspapers I haven’t time to read because I love paper so much.  Get me within a time zone of a true stationer — one with great paper, pens, and paper gadgets — and I am there.  So I am always aware of paper around me.

So who would have thought that a random purchase of sliced cheesed would push my love for paper to the limit?  Did you know they put paper between the slices in those packs?  Wow!  I thought the packed the stuff in plastic.  I’m a deli guy usually, but this discovery might reset my perspective on things.  Cheese AND paper for one flat rate.  Unbelievable.

You see I tend to hoard paper, especially great paper, and when I opened my sliced cheese and found the paper, I started to giggle.  What a find.  And what good paper.  Nice texture and weight perfectly cured between slices of extra sharp cheddar.  It gets better.  Like the cheese, this paper is pre-cut for convenience.  The cheese paper is sized just right for quick notes and reminders.  Perfect!  And, because they are cut in squares, they are perfect for origami, something I cannot do very well.

But I can make notes!  Take a look.

Think of how impressed the love of your life will be if you send that “I’m sorry” on a piece of cheese paper.  It shows resourcefulness and thrift, if not responsibility, too.  Global awareness is key.  Save a tree.  Mom will be impressed for all the same reasons.  Even your boss might take notice.  And cheese makes people happy.  Even people who don’t like cheese seem happy around cheese.  Why do you think the phrase “cheesy” is so easily understood and unthreatening?

There’s more…

Suppose you get a piece of paper that is a bit irregular — a bit folded or something — well, guess what!…They make great book marks.  Just fold it over and put it to good use.  I do!

So what do you think, am I nuts?  Or do you understand my cheesy affection for cheese paper?



One thought on “Has My Love for Paper Gone Too Far?

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