Mountains and Seashore

The rush of twilight

The rush of twilight (Photo credit: kern.justin)

Are mountain tops brighter than seashores?

I remember talking with someone who was travelling to Israel so she could treat her skin along the Dead Sea.  She explained that the added depth of the atmosphere in a valley below sea level filtered out just enough sunshine to make the sunshine absolutely correct for her skin.  It didn’t hurt that the Dead Sea infused the dry desert air with a healthy mix of beneficial minerals either.  So if a few hundred feet can make a difference, a couple thousand must be an entirely different class.  I wonder how her skin turned out.

Anyway, it is mid-August now – the angle of the sun is in retreat for the season – and I am struck by how brightly it shines .  What is really going on here is I never give the brightness of the sun much thought.  It is either sunny or not, maybe hazy or golden at the ends of the day, but in the overall way of things, it is just sunshine.

So I wonder then…If I made a trip to the ocean and then another to the top of a mountain just to see if I could notice any difference, would I notice anything more or less revealing than simply taking close notice of the sun’s brightness now?

Probably not.

So I think again…If people seek something different just to find something brighter, what can they gain if they cannot already see brightness shining vividly in the things of life surrounding them now?  It makes me wonder if I have been paying attention.  Maybe if I find the answer here it will unfold everywhere and then I can enjoy the mountain tops and seashore so much more.


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