Feeling Reckless and Goofy

I am feeling reckless and goofy today…so watch yourself.  I might even treat myself to an ice cream cone.  Although, as everyone knows, I am much more a root beer float kind of a guy.  Rich, sweet, and frothy…refreshing and cool…and will quench your thirst.

To prove the point — that I am reckless, goofy and like a root beer float — I thought I would experiment with a photo.  This is the thing the kids do.  Pictures in a mirror.  I took two.  And at least for a while it puts a face to A Little Tour in Yellow.  (Consider this a short-running post; one that lasts until I sober up, perhaps.)

A couple things to note.  I am indeed wearing a yellow gingham shirt.  Also note that I am indeed wearing a dark green sock.  Inexplicably.

And inexplicably I felt the need to lean back when taking this picture.  That could still be a symptom of a rib injury suffered a little less than seven days ago, but we don’t want to talk about that.

Do you think I am starting to look like my brother?


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