Technical Problems at A Little Tour. Please Send Help.

I want to write about Impact (1949), an underrated classic starring gorgeous and engaging Ella Raines and the not-so-gorgeous or engaging Brian Donlevy, but I can’t get screenshots!  I can’t work without screenshots.  So I am seeking advice.

Generally I use OneNote to capture my Netflix screen as a .png file, but the new Netflix streaming program acts as if I have moved the cursor on the screen when I type the Windows-S to save an image.   So I get the tracking bar to appear at the bottom of the screen.  (See example.)

My Awesome Screenshot Capture and Annotate program fails me now as well.  To tell the truth, I am not sure if it every worked as advertised, but I can certainly tell you now that it is not living up to awesome.  Indeed, what does it do?

I have never sought technical help here before, but does anyone have a screen shot program that they use and recommend?

In exchange I will recommend Impact, a very solid and entertaining film chock full of wisdom and insight.  This film appears in the categories of noir crime drama genres, but it is in fact a suspenseful romance, one that overcomes the cynical conflict of good and evil and the pettiness of betrayal.  I am eager to write more, but not without my screenshots.

So until I get this problem fixed, why don’t you watch Impact.  You will be ready to tell me if I am right or wrong when I post my reading of the film later.


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