If I Had Hair This is What I Would Do…

After several hundred posts, I am slowly fine tuning the art of being a mostly-missed, poorly-understood small time blogger.   And I’ll share a tip with you, maybe one that is obvious.

Tip:  Don’t write about the big events of the day and expect big results.

When Mitt Romney rolled out dangerously misguided Paul Ryan as his running mate, I made the mistake of jumping into the fray.  The result?  A dozen or two readers.  The day before when I wrote about ghosts, ballerinas, and wood nymphs, I had several hundred readers.

Of course I have brilliant insight and comments to make about the decline of political leadership in the United States, but so do hundreds and thousands of other people who actually have followers.  They are going to take the lion’s share of the feast.

But if you want to know about screech owls or old people sitting on park benches, then I am your man.  So let’s see what happens if I just throw a random one out there.

If I had hair — and if I were a young woman — I would wear my hair as shown in Picture 1.  It is somewhat cheesy in a stylish sort of way, but interesting, kind of like me.  And if I were to wear my hair like that — and if I were a young woman — I would find a rooftop upon which to stand and gaze thoughtfully out over the trees and roof tops of the world.

So how is that?  Kind of a nice break from everything else that is going on in the world.  In fact I very nearly wrote about Helen Gurley Brown today only because I had yet another one of those strange congruences of experience and events.

Within the last week — I swear — I saw something about Cosmopolitan and, being convinced Helen Gurley Brown had already died, I asked myself when.  I could not remember.

So today…within minutes of looking for something other than Paul Ryan to write about … I see Helen Gurley Brown’s death announced, just as I am surfing Cosmopolitan for ideas.  Try to tell me that isn’t odd.

I do believe that we exist within connections of which we really cannot be aware.  It is something more than instinct and something more than foresight.  It is that sort of gut sense, the uncanny, maybe.

And I remain steadfastly convinced we connect with things that matter well before and after we might have an opportunity to experience them; experience and emotion somehow link up despite the chaos of it all.

At times this seems painfully simple and obvious.  But then I have to wonder why some of the best, most cherished connections defy the sense that made the connection in the first place.  When something comes undone, what is happening?  And why don’t I have hair?  There has to be something behind all of this…a hidden reason.  Having faith in that is like having religion.

Now please scroll down this blog and find something worth your time.  Tell your friends and family to do the same.  Then tell me about it.  I am eager to discover with you.


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