Let’s See What Happens if I Just Start to Write

Generally these posts start with some random thought and from there I just write.  Tonight I don’t even have the random thought.  I’m not sure what you want anyway.  Some days there are hundreds of readers and others — like today — only seven.


Generally this happens when I become redundant, primarily when I join the chorus of political hacks taking shots at easy targets, targets like Republicans.  Apparently you don’t need me to be your political watchdog or the clearinghouse of political links.  They’re everywhere!  Repetition equals redundancy.

My friend U No Hu has a nice blog going, however.  Check it out.

No, tonight I don’t have much going on.  I am going to a party.  I’m bringing the cheese.  Attendance at these parties tend to skew heavily toward the ladies, which is nice, and well-dressed too.  For my part I’ll put on a crisp shirt and pressed pants.  A jacket and maybe sport it up a bit with a pocket square.  Why not?  The cheese guy has liberties.

It is my pal Devin’s birthday.  I think it is her … well, never mind.  It isn’t polite to talk about a girl’s age.  I will try to capture some memories though.  For example years ago at one of Devin’s parties I decided to finish some jello I found left over in her fridge.  A half hour later I was singing Boy George hits.  I don’t think I got home for a few days.

This year should be a bit more sane.  We are all getting older, after all, and I will avoid jello at all cost.  Plus Devin is a good friend and somehow I end up playing the part of doting spouse at these parties, making sure people have drinks, clearing used plates, checking the bathroom, and so on.  It keeps me busy and I like having something to do at parties.  But it also means I don’t get to eat quite as well as I should.  I tend to stay a bit more clearheaded, too.

So I think I will stroll down to Tilia now, grab a chicken thigh or two, and then get over to the party.  (I am running late and I have the cheese.)

Pretty dull post, huh?  I bet I get 250 readers before the day is out.  And if you made it this far, don’t worry, all is not lost.  Scroll down and find something interesting to read on this blog.  Tell your friends and family to do the same.


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