Everything You Need to Know About Chairman Ryan’s Budget

I am going for a walk.  And while I do that you should read “Everything You Need to Know About Chairman Ryan’s Budget” from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a non-partisan organization that monitors and assesses state and federal budget and policy trends and programs.

Look, there are many reasons why the global economy is out of sync with what Americans expect.  In many ways the economy simply is adjusting to changes in competitive advantages across the globe, especially labor, and changing investment streams that follow them.

But the situation threatening middle and working class security and opportunities rests heavily on the policy choices of recent years.  Yes, Democrats are guilty, too, of underfunding and cutting government and generally letting the programs and infrastructure that sustained American security and opportunities go to waste.

People like Paul Ryan — and his little side kick Mitt Romney — propose even more drastic changes, changes that would have been unthinkable in mainstream American political discourse until recently.  It represents the epitome of arrogance, recklessness, and blatant stupidity to further dismantle generations of progress and equality in this country.

Republicans today represent an extreme sort of social, political, and economic regression.  All you need to do to understand this is pay attention to their policy positions.  In other words, read a little.  Among the worst policies recommendations are those that come from Paul Ryan.  His budget plan is a made-to-fail disaster.

Republicans are not good for the United States and don’t serve the interests of most Americans, including an overwhelming majority of Americans who make the mistake of voting against their best interests and vote for these clowns.

We don’t need stupid ideologues running our government.  We need intelligent and informed leaders.  Republicans seem to possess neither of those qualities.  I have said it before and I will say it again, it is hard to see how a person can be both honest and informed and be a Republican today.

If you really do care about your children’s future — a favorite conservative politician’s trope — don’t vote Republican.


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