My Big Fall

Looks peaceful, but wrong fall.

If you think of life as a course of seasons, I hope I am coming into my big fall.  Not a big fall like a trip and oops it is broken, but fall like the autumn of our years, all made pretty with shades of maroon and gold.

But then I am not really thinking about the autumn of my life, but just a big fall…as in a big fall season this year.

Fall has always been the winner for me, the season of renewal and resurrection.  Opportunity comes in the fall.  When I look back on my working life — for what it is — any meaningful work I picked up always began in the fall.  Also note that I have met my most significant others in the fall.  (If you, Dear Reader, are a significant other I didn’t meet in the fall, well, maybe I missed one or two.)  And I just look better in a jacket and trousers or jeans and a sweater.  There is no arguing with style.

This fall is lining up to be a good one, at least in my professional life.  Something solid promises a lot of potential for growth.  Even something as mundane and enslaving as the need for income seems to be sorting out well.  I am also convinced that good and unexpected turns await on the horizon.  A great deal of peace and balance surrounds me, even in these hot and hazy days of late summer.  That suggests that autumn optimism is showing hints of seasonal change early.  That is good.

The question now is, with so much going on, what will I do with this blog?  That’s where you come in.  It should change, at least that’s what I sense now.  It is a mess.  (More on that later, however.)  A missing friend once said I should be more “out there,” and while I don’t entirely know what she meant, at least on that one point, she was right.  So Out There, here I come.

What woman wouldn’t want this man’s shoes under her bed at night?

In the meantime, I think I will focus on Autumn as a theme.  Possible posts:

“The GOP and the Fall of America:  Good or Bad?”

“Autumn, Samsara, and the Seasons of Life”

“Autumn and The Simpsons”

“Think Snow!  Life is Better Next Season.”

Judith Butler and Autumn Colors

“A Little Tour in Yellow is the Color of Autumn”

“It is Getting Late.  I Think I Will Just Hack It”

Golly, I have plenty to do.  Lend me your support.  A big fall looms just around the corner and I cannot be more excited.  Where to jump first?!


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