I Did The Right Thing

I find myself staying awake so I can fall asleep.  I am doing that more and more.  I’d say it is a mode of existence, but that sounds like a cliché, and the last thing you want to be is cliché, especially right out of the chute.  Best to keep a level coolness, if not aloofness, about it all.

But sleep is a cherished escape, and seeking it can be gained by denying it, like so many things we seek and cherish.

No matter…irrelevant.

I did do the right thing today, though.  I left the windows open, all of them, while the sun still shined too brightly.  And I walked away.

Tonight then, when I returned to my rooms, wide swaths of moonlight – like ghostly sunshine – glowed brightly against the otherwise blue-black darkness of everything.  Crickets rang out from everywhere, from all corners of my rooms, and loudly enough to shut out any lingering distraction.  And as if on a cue, a puff of wind billowed a curtain hanging in a window, marking measures of the ethereal that flowed around me.  And right there I could have been anywhere…

So one has to wonder then, why seek any escape?


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