Watching the Olympics: Pt 2, The Official 2012 Logo

I am going into this without any background information.  I don’t even want to know who designed the official 2012 Olympic logo.  The designer might be my über hero, Paul Krugman, for all I know.  Or another man who can do no wrong, the fictional Siegfried Farnon.  It doesn’t matter.  Regardless of who designed this, it is a mistake.

We all know the excellent Olympic rings.  Simple, elegant, and relevant.  They symbolize unity across the continents, each equal and identical other than color.  But the colors are careful to be irrelevant to favoring any nation or region while being vibrant an identifiable as part of a whole.  The rings endure as the most recognizable symbol of the Olympics — for which many symbols exist — because of its appropriate elegance.

Now look at the official logo…

As in love, I know what is right and what is wrong; I trust my heart.  But this logo looks the way it makes my heart feel.  Crushed, shattered, and a weak shade of pink.  There is no love here.

I had seen other logos related to the 2012 Olympic games, but discovered the official logo only yesterday when prepping my previous post.  I mentioned this yesterday while at the neighborhood bar being a hamster (cf., my excellent and particularly moving Watching the Olympics:  Pt 1) when someone said the current logo looks like a swastika.  I’m sure they’re not the only person to mention this, because it is absolutely true.

But then if you look at it again, if you unscramble the blocks, it looks like “Zion” to me.  Who knows?

The entire concept is wrong.  Instead of interlinking rings standing for unity, you have garish, violently jagged blocks jostling against each other.  The design is confrontational, with each piece pushing to fit within the roughly square area of the design.  The elegance is gone, the simple unity missing.  It is unbalanced.  In short, the design utterly misses the mark.  A pink blemish on the world of art and design, if you ask me.

I will go now and see if Paul Krugman or Siegfried Farnon designed this logo.  I doubt it.  One is an economist and the other doesn’t really exist, but either could have done a much better job than what we have here.  I will choose one of the many other tasteful, more appropriate Summer Olympic logos in use out there as my official logo.  Don’t expect to see the pink monstrosity here again.


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