More Thoughts While Reading Moby Dick…

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Is Ahab a tragic character or an ironic one?  Best to be neither, I think.

Oh, how the stubbornness of bad ideas wear me down. Living with too much faith in reason only means you are more likely to be burdened by what fails it.  Nothing quite as noble as chaos, I don’t mean that; but dirty, tortured fragments of broken experience that cannot be made to fit together.  Some parts never become a part of a whole because they didn’t come from a whole to begin with.

But, to quote Cicero – or is it Terence? – Where there is life, there is hope, and I believe both life and hope exist in eternity, from whence it begins unknown, to where it will forever plunge forward beyond nothingness.  There is no beginning, middle, and end, so why plan as such?

Perhaps the best way to get from A to B is to abandon both altogether.  What would happen if you just started each day with only a little nudge, a gentle shove toward some direction…you would end up somewhere, right?

Maybe the best way to be heard is to say nothing at all.  That strikes me as a Way of the Path.  And suppose the Zen masters do have it right.  I can imagine it.  Let the world whorl around you and see what gathers in its wake.  Is that what it is?

In short, the best way to deal with absurdity is to shrug.  Trust that the broken pieces settle into a pattern, if not a whole, and speak fairly.  Think and live freely and answers will open themselves.  Am  I right or am I wrong?

As I ponder this, I am going back to Moby Dick.  A story of well-reasoned madness and the nasty outcomes of chasing one’s dangerous obsessions.  But it also is a story of wholeness, one in which the pieces do come together and complete a story, speaking plainly and fairly.  What a great story it is!


2 thoughts on “More Thoughts While Reading Moby Dick…

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