Summer Vacation Wrap Up


Vacations take a while to come around on the calendar, but they certainly waste no time coming to an end.  Monday now and back at my old routines, work and stuff.  In ways I feel like a kid again, carrying that melancholy gee-whiz it is over kind of feeling.  The vacation is a good time, but the remainder of the summer offers a lot, too.

Still, I sense a real change in mood.  I was happy being away, cleaning camp, fixing things, and mixing with friends and family.  I cannot help but wonder if I am in the wrong line of work.

Plus, while I didn’t accomplish much, I felt much more creative away from familiar routines.  Generally I think people are most creative when their moods are on the rise.  I don’t put much into the idea of the tortured artists, unless that artist frequently comes back from the doldrums easily.

I always do my best when I feel things improving.  The transition from being a bit blue to being less blue is the best of all.  I can’t imagine being happy all the time.  I wouldn’t get anything done.  Constantly happy people are odd.  They have silly, smug half-smiles I don’t entirely trust.  In my opinion they look like they’re medicated and can you really accomplish your best on meds?  They simply volunteer a lot and say sweet things about small children they don’t know.  I suppose there is no harm in that.

I would rather have the ups and downs.  I want to accomplish things.

Right now, alas, all feels somewhat empty.  Kind of sad to be back to whatever it is that I do.  I spent some time on the phone dialing clients and all of it felt flat.  When someone answered the phone I was disappointed.  “Oh, hi…”

Tomorrow I’ll dress up like a working adult and go to meetings and do my thing.  Maybe that will make me feel better.  Right now…I just wish I were at the lake.

Sunrise Storm on Lake Osakis.



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