Minnesota Summer Vacation

On vacation searching for my purpose.  Or at least attempting to be focused.

I always bring big plans with me when I go on vacation.  Big plans to read.  (I have with me two dozen books, back issues of the New York Review of Books, and old newspapers.  Big plans to write.  (I packed a stack of notepads, countless pens, and two computers.)  And big plans to live well…

It is the living well part that I want to touch on now.

Since arriving at Holiday Resort on Lake Osakis, I have eaten more beef than I typically eat over the balance of the year.  I have also consumed nearly a dozen eggs and pounds of potatoes, pasta, and bread.  Being an omnivore, I have also taken in a few gallons of wine and enough beer to qualify me for a men’s softball team.  And just a pinch of whiskey and a maybe one or two gin and tonics.  I lose track.

Then there is the soda pop and Gerosteiner water, which is already nearly gone.

If this is living well, I’m not sure I like it.  My belly button aches and I fear if I am touched in just the right place I might pop.  My head doesn’t hurt — that’s a good thing — but I haven’t yet giving it time to hurt.  I am either sleeping or living well.

I am on chapter 9 of Moby Dick, however, and expect to reach chapter 11 or maybe even chapter 12 before tomorrow.  And here I am writing.

All in all it is a fine time on the lake.  I realize the anxious feeling in my stomach is only the rotten effects of too much food and drink…nothing here should make anyone feel anxious, even the large bills that need to be paid for living well don’t seem to matter in these early days of the week.  There is much more time for fracasing and frolicking, and I am sure for more beef and beer.  So, yes, I am happy to be on the lake, happy to be on vacation, and relieved I am sensible enough — or maybe poor enough — to never worry about living well for a full stretch of the year.


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