Cloudy Day at the Lake

Lake Osakis Early Morning Storm Looking East. (This is exactly how I saw it. Dark, blurry and menacing.)

Our first day of cool, cloudy weather.  Everything is wet after steady wind and rain very early this morning.  I see a perfect opportunity!  And I am quite happy about it, too.

I thought I would come to the lodge and get some work done, maybe even a decent post to A Little Tour in Yellow, but I am not the only resorter who thinks a cool wet day is a good day for the lodge.

One family here enjoys sharp, loud noises.  They seem set on dropping pool balls, waste basket lids, and bottles among other things.  If there were a hammer and and anvil here, they surely would be lining up to take a turn at striking it.

My group can be guilty of an annoyance or two, I am sure, but at least we don’t shock the life out of people with obnoxious, ear-ringing bangs!  Maybe this family just can’t hear very well and these noises are their way of reaching out to each other, like dolphins clicking in the sea.  I say hello every time we meet, for example, and only get empty stares in reply.  Perhaps they just don’t notice me.  I did bring along some firecrackers…

So the idea of working in the lodge.  Well, alas, I will go wander a bit instead, try to get some ideas beneath me.


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