July 4, 2012…A very brief report.

It has been a firecracker of a week.  Hot, too.  Ends all too quickly and I find myself trying to adjust to work.

I was in Marine on St. Croix with good friends, it is a tradition I enjoy a great deal.  In reality not much changes from one year to the next — the narrative is pretty well set — but I do wish I had more of it to enjoy now that I am back in Linden Hills.  (I should have done a better job with photos.)  Right now it is very simple…I am having a hard time kick-starting my old routines.  Even today’s walk in the woods was a little underwhelming.  (So damn hot, muggy.)

Day Three. A cold creek was still the best seat in the house.

While out in Marine, on the other hand, there is a swimming pool, a river, and cold clear creeks to enjoy, all pushed along by a steady flow of beer and icy drinks.  It is all so good a guy doesn’t even mind dipping his hand into a bag of chips to discover that a dozen wet kids have already done the same ahead of him.  They taste the same.  And sleep…why I haven’t slept so well in months.  (cf. “steady flow of beer and icy drinks” maybe?)  Of course I looked a little rough — unshaven, sunburned, and at peace — but it all felt great.  This is a holiday you can both dress up and dress down, after all, and be natty regardless of what you care to be…

The Fourth of July.  A very brief report.

Fireworks and more fireworks.  Beer and brats.  Swimming pools and a river.  All shared with friends.  Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday.  I might have to reconsider.


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