Maybe If I Write About It


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Dear Reader…don’t be embarrassed by anything you find here.  It is all meant to get me from A to B and maybe just beyond a bit.  That’s all.  More fundamentally, this is all about getting ideas down on “paper”, so to speak.  Although…perhaps…writing on a computer might be like taking a ride in a car and calling it a walk.  Writing on a blog — to extend that comparison a bit deeper — is a lot like riding on a public bus and calling that a walk.  Big old Metro Transit — Vroom, vroom, beep, beep, Whssshhh — but what an empty bus we have here, alas!  Much like the lowly Route 8 I would sneak onto sometimes as a boy.

But I have been walking a lot, walking a lot indeed.  My feet finally feel a bit of healing working into them.  The bruises and blisters not so much a problem anymore.  Not quite heel-clicking time, but I seem to be recovering from the malaise a bit more efficiently these days.

What’s there to worry about?  When people don’t read your blog, you can write stuff like this:

If I had lived more

And offered more than this

Much more than lonely sorrow

Would I have lived to be here

To be here with you tomorrow?

What happened here — just so you know — is I thought I would take up sonnet writing, specifically Petrarchan sonnets.  All for good fun.  This one got going ok, but I’m not sure I will ever know an iambic pentameter when I see one so it is a stretch to think I might actually write one.  But anyway, that’s what you have there, the fruit of an idea, the idea to write Petrarchan sonnets as a hobby.

Ok, all right.  I will stop, I will stop the bus, but only for the night.  I will seek our more riders.  (Who have you got for me out there?)  Yes, Reader, don’t be afraid of anything you find here, just come along for the fun.  And bring a friend or two.  Invite them to take a little tour in yellow.



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