Brideshead Revisited or The Rum Diary?

I thought I might write about tonight’s walk through the neighborhood and the woods.  I have been walking a great deal, so much, in fact, that my feet are painful with blisters and bruises.  I seem to have much on my mind…and so I walk.  And such nice walks, too.

This evening’s highlights include a beautifully calm lake reflecting a late evening blue sky and a family of deer.

Doe and fawn ate quietly, perfectly in the manner of Bambi, an early scene at least, while the buck, about 40 yards distant down the trail, pretended not to care.  Not about the two other deer, not about me, not about anything.

No pictures of the deer.  I need a better camera.

I also thought I might write about the Affordable Care Act, but I would only be repeating endless chatter about that…and be lost.  So I thought I might write about that shameful dingbat, Michele Bachmann, Minnesota’s disgrace, but picking at her stupidity has lost its appeal; there’s no sport in it.  She opens her mouth and it is plain stupid, not even remotely funny any longer.

Bachmann "CRAZE"

Bachmann “CRAZE” (Photo credit: Mr_CRO)

Bachmann promised today that repealing “Obamacare” would ensure that the economy would create millions of well-paying jobs.  Really, Michele?  We don’t have Obamacare now, where the hell are the jobs?  Republicans and their endless excuses.  We all grew up with bratty children like this, didn’t we?  Why the hell do we elect them to important public office…or any office, for that matter?  The world needs ditch diggers, after all.

Overall I feel like I am at a crossroads of some sort.  I might be a shade beyond my 39th year, but not dramatically so, and so I thought I might revisit Brideshead Revisited, where our protagonist deals with such a crossroads.  And it is a good read.

Then I thought…what about The Rum Diary, Hunter S. Thompson‘s tale o a man who, as an adult, finds himself with uncertainty.  It is full of drama and a late escape, if I remember correctly.

I doubt either would be a very appropriate model to follow, not in this era or at my stage in life, but it is good to think about.

And guess what I found as I thought about my choices!  A fantastic television series to fill the lack I endure now that I have completed all of the available Columbo episodes and have watched All Creatures Great and Small often enough to be thought strange.

So to hell with any important life decisions in the here and now, we have a wonderful television series to watch.  Advice to my many, many readers, however.  Read Waugh’s novel prior to watching the television series.  I simply think it is key to experience the original before turning to an interpretation.

Let me check back with you later.  I have to get to episode 2 yet tonight.  (There is a movie adaptation of The Rum Diary now, too, right?  Yes, there is…much to do.)

English: Madresfield Court Much of the picture...

English: Madresfield Court Much of the picturesque moated Madresfield Court is Victorian with some of the Elizabethan building surviving, though the house is on a site of an early building. The house has never been bought or sold and has remained in the same family for twenty-eight generations, some 1,000 years. In the 1930s, the author, Evelyn Waugh was a regular visitor to Madresfield Court, thus providing the inspiration for his book, ‘Brideshead Revisited’. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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