Making a Mess of Things

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Check back next week.

You won’t be invited to visit me for tea anytime soon.  I got this crazy idea to look for some lost things and do a little cleaning around the house as I did so.  At the same time my car came back from the garage with a bag full of clutter that the mechanics gathered up before tearing my car apart.  That bag is now being sorted on my dining room table along with stacks of papers from work, a writing project I am trying to restart, and a few copies of the New York Review of Books that I want to scan one more time for book titles.

Add to this the fact that I have had a lot on my mind and so I haven’t been eating much…well, the place is a bit disorganized.

It is odd, I think, that when I stay out of the kitchen it seems to get more disorganized than when I actually use the kitchen.  Who would have thought salami and American cheese sandwiches could be so messy?  And a friend brought over a bottle of wine a while back which I mistakenly recorked and placed on its side.  The bottle then slowly leaked for several days all over the refrigerator’s bottom shelf.  A mess.

Among the things I am looking for, by the way, is a ring this particular friend (possibly) misplaced here long ago.  So she’s responsible, at least in part, for the mess.  (See, it isn’t all me.)  And contrary to this friend’s somewhat limited perspective, I DO indeed prefer to live without the clutter.  (I just put it all in a giant walk-in closet, close the door, and consider it archived.)

For heaven’s sake, if you’re cleaning house the place should get cleaner, right?  Even if you are a casual reader of this blog, you know I claim to be an expert on everything from lightning to economics, but I don’t seem to be very good at throwing out old paper.  What’s the secret to that trick?  Recently I seem to be much better at making a mess of things.  And once again I have to go face it.  Clutter.

(Perhaps I need an assistant.)


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