Wow…Crazy Coincidence. Sad Bradbury News.

Fahrenheit 451

I want this copy…

Two weeks ago I posted an article on my blog (it is hardly relevant now…a rambling mess) that made some references to the film Fahrenheit 451 and just a moment ago I decided to see if it was in my Book Collector database.  Twitter was open on my computer screen.  And right there in front of me was a tweet about Ray Bradbury‘s death.

Crazier still, when I thought about looking for the book, I wondered whether Bradbury was still alive.  I think that is strangely crazy.  Is that Bradburyesque?

I have never read Fahrenheit 451.  It is among the many books I buy with right-minded intentions, but don’t read.  I am sure it is here somewhere.  I think it is time to read it.  What am I doing blogging about a movie based on the book without reading the book in the first place!

And my condolences to all the Ray Bradbury fans out there.  I am sorry about the news.


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