Shake Well. Settling is Natural.

Looking at a bottle of fruit drink I bought today I realize a guy could cut and paste words from the label and weave them into a sweet little love story.

Just the words on what I would call the “about us” part of the label is chock full of material.

“…we have been growing…”

“…an expression of our continued commitment…”

“…unmatched combination…”


Juices?  Sure, why not.  I understand there is a lot of juice in romances these days.  Ok, let me try taking words from my juice bottle and create a nice little story.  Here we go:

“Wilbur tried to explain to Judith, ‘Judy dear, we have been growing for all these weeks, our freshness generously blended together to create a delicious expression of our continued commitment.  Had I seen our harvest about to perish, I would have done more to support your health.”

“Judith, feeling one hundred percent natural and gluten free, could not stop the juices flowing.  Moments ago she had been blue, now she could only feel goodness.  ‘Oh, Wilbur,’ she sighed, ‘you are my 31 blue berries, black berries…my apples and quarter lemon…you are my one banana.'”

“‘Really, Judy?’ Wilbur asked, feeling two servings fill his bottle.

“‘Yes, really, Wilbur.”

“Wilbur and Judith were young, but they could feel all 18 ingredients — the eighteen years of their lives lived apart — blend together into a healthy, unmatched combination.  They felt so good, in fact, they decided to move to the only place appropriate for a fresh harvest…they decided to move to California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley, where they would have more than 90 years to grow.  And there is nothing artificial about that.”

What do you think?  Not so good?  Pretty good?  Kind of good?  Doesn’t matter.  The most poignant words on the bottle as far as my relationships are concerned are:  “Shake Well.  Settling is Natural.”


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