Screech Owl Mating

The American Screech owl

The American Screech Owl

Owls would have mated by now, right?

The screech owl that has been in the tree outside my window all spring sounds different tonight.  I think there might be two owls.  I hear a strange overlap in the call.  I understand that owls must eventually meet other owls so someday there will be owls, but do owls tremolo when they meet?  Do they sing together?

And it is June.  Kind of late to be thinking about starting a family.  Then again I am a few months north of thirtysomething.  I suppose owls might be much like us all.

Still…Here I sit…in the middle of the city…and I hear all of this beautiful sound.  I wish I could see the silly buggers.  Yes…there must be two.


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