2010: The Year We Make Contact (1984)

Cover of "2010: The Year We Make Contact ...

Well…Ok…I just finished  2010 :  The Year We Make Contact.  The sequel to 2001:  A Space Odyssey.  A sequel with favorable reviews?  Perhaps I a little too distracted while watching the film tonight.  The film is over and the question remains unanswered.  The year we made contact with what, exactly?  I didn’t get it.

In a film that really stretches the imagination — if one were looking for a unique and compelling story line, that is — seeing Keir Dullea reprise his Dr. David Bowman character offers the greatest hope that something interesting might happen.  (That was him, right?)

Keir Dullea looked great.  In fact he looked just like he did in 1968.  Shoot, I had no idea he was still alive!  And he might not be…I’m not sure what he is in this film.  Dead?  Alive?  Something different?  Was that really Keir Dullea?  Maybe that’s the film!  The Year We Make Contact with Keir Dullea.  2010 is just a shortened title.

And it was nice to see HAL9000 come back to life, but HAL is a silicon-based life form and I guess they can do that.  (I wish HAL would talk to the Dell tablet my office expects to work with me.  It is 2012, little Dell, get caught up with the old man!)

In fact the two most interesting characters — and the two characters offering the most potential for an interesting story — were from 2001:  A Space Odyssey, but we had to see this stupid Cold War-infused drama play out when no one really gave a rat’s ass about the Cold War anymore and especially don’t care now.

And poor Roy Schneider.  That guy just can’t get a break.  Another mediocre role in a mediocre film.  Hell, I can’t even watch Jaws anymore.  What else was he in?  Did I see him in Mayberry RFD or something?  Showgirls?  I can’t remember.

I would attempt a reasonable review and share some meaningful insight into the film, but like the characters in the film, I still don’t know what The Monolith is all about and I sure as hell don’t know what the conclusion of this film is all about.  I am confused.  In short, there is nothing to write about, not even a sexy astronaut.

Keir Dullea

I encourage you to watch 2010 though, especially if you like science fiction, science fiction gadgets, bad science fiction space suits, and lots of science fiction colors.  There are indeed some cool moments in this film, they just don’t get stitched together very well.

Two stars out of five.

HOLD ON!  Holy Mother of Coincidence.  Guess who has a birthday today.  Guess who…  Keir Dullea!  There is something  strangely cosmic about this.  Some monolithic and spacey.  Something very, very strange.


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