Sunday Breakfast

Not much on my mind today.  Not much to say.  Writing about nothing seem to be my most popular posts, however, so why don’t I tell you about my breakfast.

I steamed a pinch of fresh spinach and scrambled it in with a couple of eggs and large spoonful of diced tomatoes.  By chance I happened to have some cheese in the fridge and grated that in with a some fresh ground black pepper.  It made for a very satisfying breakfast and I enjoyed it with a brimming cup of French roast from Coffee & Tea in Linden Hills.

Lunch was a bit more pedestrian, but perfect for the season.  I picked up some locally made hot dogs — the old fashioned style that should be the only hot dog anyone buys — and steamed one.  Steaming is the best way to prepare hot dogs.  I also had some corn that was surprisingly good and fresh.  I mixed it with butter and salt.  Sliced a tomato and sat down for a good summertime lunch.  Mustard is a must with this, of course, and it is best served with a soft drink.

I made an awesome vinaigrette for a salad this afternoon, too.  I wish I could remember exactly how I did it, but it turned out well.  One more tomato, a lot of spinach, carrots, and cauliflower.  Black pepper and cheese (I happened to find some more) my salad was set.  Very good.

Not Sure Which Picture I Like Best

I’m not sure what I’ll do for dinner.  Maybe stroll down to Amore Victoria for a little pasta.  I’m not in the mood for more cooking.  I am finishing the last of a bottle of Brunello I bought on a splurge.  A nap might be the result.

I am waiting for the storms to develop later anyway.  Right now there isn’t even a hint of stormy weather.  The clouds are too ragged and thin. Until they start to look more like cotton candy, the atmosphere is too mellow.  But once they begin to pop, the storms should develop quickly.  That’s what I am looking for.

Did I mention a nap?


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