The Good Life

Take a look at these two kids.  They are sitting in mom’s side-by-side stroller and that’s what they do.  That’s it.  They sit there and chew on things and watch the world go by.  That’s it.

I do the same thing and at the same place.  But I am behind the bar poisoning myself with cheap red wine (Brunello has become so expensive) and I don’t have a woman to push me around.  Not anymore anyway.

I took this picture at Amore Victoria last night.  I don’t think I have ever seen such well behaved kids.  They epitomized calm and that isn’t the first thing I tend to think of when I think of toddlers.  The one little guy even kicked off one of his socks and he’s perfectly ok with that.  No worries.

His sister is a little more tuned into the world, but I doubt she’d miss a sock either.  She’s looking forward to days ahead when she can walk on her own down Lake Street.  (Her brother looks more like a couch potato in training.)

Good looking kids.  Almost makes a guy want to go out and rent one for an hour or two.


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