Late Night in Linden Hills

Windy Night

Just a quick post before signing off and going to sleep.  It is a perfectly restful night even if the wind is still strong and busy.  The wind rushing through the trees at night is beautiful and calming, and behind it I hear sounds from the lake coming up  in the darkness, both waves washing ashore and the clinking of sailboat rigging.  Here inside all the windows are open and a cool summertime breeze blows through my rooms.

I absently read an old book about a small south Pacific Island and this fits the night perfectly.  It is so quiet and comfortable that I easily get distracted and catch myself daydreaming.  When I look around my room, lit only by my reading light and several small lamps in another room, one could easily imagine he were sitting alone 20 years ago, 40 years ago, or even more distant in time.  I like that.  Even the sounds of the city are lost in on this breezy night.

I have a soft wool throw draped over my lap and a few firm pillows against my back.  I could turn off the light here and now and let myself nap and not be happier.

I like nights like this.


2 thoughts on “Late Night in Linden Hills

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