Klout and Me

Klout logo.

I just spent — no, I invested — 15 minutes doing something on Klout, a…it’s a…it is a social media influence meter thing or service or something. I haven’t any idea!  But I enjoy finding different ways to fiddle away time on the Internet and this distraction was kind of fun.

There are all kinds of buttons and things to push on Klout that seem to link you to people, topics, and things.  (I really have no idea.)  Plus I see people I know and many I don’t know on Klout.  I can see their Klout score.  My highest ranking ex-girlfriend, for example, has only a score of 1o, which personally I think is way too high, but still far behind my 25!

I don’t know…Is 25 good?  I think it is.  In fact I am going with better than good, I think it is excellent.

Klout widgets

When I look at my score I am not sure what it all means.  I have a horrible time with Facebook.  I am nervous posting messages and really can’t figure out the privacy thing.  So almost never go there.  (But I might go there tonight to raise my Klout score!)

Time out.  Is that three exclamation points in one blog post?  Is that allowed?  It is when you’re talking about something you know nothing about!  It is when you talk about Klout!

Which brings up another relevant point.  A lot of people, misguided unfortunates, of course, probably think I don’t know what I am talking about when I write about things I do know something about, so how does Klout track my influence there?  It is probably worth thinking about, but I am hardly in the mood.

I am more concerned with catching up with Jason DeRusha and becoming a highly ranked Twin Cities influencer.  That means more — oh god — stories about stadiums and the Vikings, I suppose.  (I appear to be popular on those topics.)

Jason DeRusha

Klout also thinks I am a … let me see if I can find it …I can’t find it (a problem with Klout), but Klout thinks I am influential in the realm of poetry.  Oh, you bet.  Although my more interpersonal wanderings do garner the most site visits and I do frequently tweet while at the bar, so I suppose Klout might be on to something.

In reality what I think I have done is give up any expectation of privacy whatsoever.  (How will I explain this to the neighbors?)  So I am going to go Klout for a while with the presumption that I can excuse myself from its metering services at any time.

I would invite you, the people whom I influence, to chime in here, but no one seems to give a damn regardless of what Klout thinks.


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