Busy Lake Harriet

A lot going on in the Linden Hills neighborhood today.  The Linden Hills Festival officially takes place tomorrow, but much activity underway today, garage sales being the primary draw.  But you can get something off the grill at Clancy’s and I presume the other restaurants have things going, too.  I haven’t checked it out yet.  Too many people.

Just like the lake.  Too many people.  Cranky time.

My least favorite part of the lake this time of the year isn’t necessarily the crowd, but specifically joggers zigzagging through the crowds.  Quite unpleasant, actually.

At least every fifty yards or so while walking around Lake Harriet I can count on some sweaty body bushing against me and I don’t like that.  That rank smell of unwashed laundry simply is not attractive, nor are people who look half expired and en route to the ER very attractive.  And when they bump up against you…don’t we have gyms around town?  What about tracks?  And why can’t runners run straight?  Half of the “joggers” plop, plop, plop like dizzy toddlers struggling to keep their feet beneath them.

The other half…while maybe easier to look at…drive me nuts for other reasons.  These are the fit, healthy people who actually look ok-to-great in Spandex.  You can’t swing a fanny pack without hitting one of these.  They’re everywhere, but they come with a different set of issues.

Two very serious Alpha Males, for example (one had to be Alpha One and the other Alpha Two, of course, but I don’t care), were talking shoes.  Actually they were yelling shoes.   Joggers don’t talk, they yell because they are gulping air.  Another annoyance on a quiet morning.  Anyway…shoes.  These guys were talking shoes:

“I rarely run the same shoes for more than several weeks…”

“I go through at least half a dozen each season…”

Me?  I buy shoes I like.  I tend to be happy with them.  So I keep them.  I am a loyal guy.  Sometimes I even treasure them.

Today I wore my old Born striders.  These things have to be ten years old and I’m wondering if I can get them refurbished some day.  Good looking shoes, too, and they were pillows of comfort when I bought them.  I even use them as golf shoes.  Who needs half a dozen shoes in a year?  How about a new pair of those cool Oakleys instead?

Am I a downer this morning?  I am sorry.

Kids cheer me up, they cheer me up more than puppies.  Especially kids on trikes.  They tend to slalom through the slower walkers and inevitably cut in front of a world class runner wannabe.  I enjoy walking about 10 yards behind a particularly reckless kid and watch the fun.  It is no small miracle that we don’t lose more kids to runner-child collisions.  (Tee-hee.)

While I might seem like a bitter old crank with an unreasonable attitude, in my defense I will point out one last complaint.  Runners are not happy people.  Sure, there are exceptions.  I have a friend who runs and she seems happy.  But in my observations, a majority of people running around the lake are very unhappy.  Not quite as bad as the self-righteous jerks on bicycles, but close.  So I don’t mind complaining about sweaty joggers flapping their sweaty bellies into my hip and giving me an ugly look for being in the way.  I don’t mind at all.

I am going for another walk now.  More later.


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